About us

Saundex Contracting is a Western Australian family-owned and operated business.

Saundex Contracting has more than two decades of industry experience in the mining and civil construction industries.

Our extensive expertise in these industries has equipped us with a broad range of skills, including machinery maintenance, recycling and crushing equipment, mechanical works, earthmoving, labour solutions and machinery hire, pre-development and subdivision projects, civil works and CND and general recycling.

At Saundex Contracting, we pride ourselves on providing a superior standard of work and are committed to precision. Our professional operators and team are reliable and dedicated, with over 25 years of hard-earned experience, and we have a fleet of late model machinery to ensure projects are completed efficiently and accurately. A two-tiered company, we offer both skilled labour hire to the mining industry and plant hire of high-quality crushing and screening machinery. We've built a reputation as a leading service provider in many industries, which is why we have clients ranging from some of Australia's largest mining companies through to smaller recycling and civil construction companies experiencing a growth in demand.

After years spent in mining and civil construction, we are aware that downtime results in lost resources and we strive to support our customers by providing well-maintained equipment and a skilled labour supply to get the job completed on time, to the highest standard. We have labour hire professionals who carefully select the tradespeople we provide to deliver reliable and professional service.

Why choose us?

Because we are a family-run business it enables us to keep our overheads low and rates competitive. We also believe in providing a personal, tailored service to more effectively meet our clients' needs and have the experience to answer any queries and offer practical advice. Also, we have the mechanical expertise necessary to be able to supply the best machinery and contractors on every project.

Our philosophy

Reputation, customer service and results are the foundation that Saundex Contracting has been built on. We believe in treating every customer the same, no matter whether you're large or small, and are dedicated to achieving service excellence on every task or project. To discover more about Saundex Contracting or to discuss all aspects of your wet or dry hire needs, from excavators to crushers to screens and stackers, contact us today.

Contact our team today for an obligation free quote or to discuss your wet and dry hire needs.

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